Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

Version 0.9

Release notes: 1.2.


  1. Labels. Now there are 2 types of Labels – System (basic) and Labels created in Projects. System Labels are created and edited in a profile, they can be applied to all Projects. When the Label changes in the profile, it change in all the projects. Labels created in the Project are stored only in this project and not displayed in other Projects.
  2. Multilabels. Now you can apply several Labels on one Page. In order to apply this feature, you need to open the Page description, select the drop-down list of Labels and edit (create, change, delete) the required one.
  3. Color Picker. Many of you lack the colors and we took into account your wishes! Now, in addition to the basic colors, you can create your own, using a color picker feature. This function was added for Labels, and for all UF elements.
  4. New shapes in User Flow. Added 5 new shapes to the User Flow.
  5. External Links. In the description of the pages was added a field – Link. You can specify an external link to the relevant page on the current or future website. After adding a link an icon will appear to the page cover.
  6. Internal links. The text editor has the ability to insert links to internal pages FlowMapp’s Sitemap or User Flow tool.
  7. People. In the People page you can see the date of the last login of your collaborators or teammates.


  1. Quill. Marked and numbered lists have been added to the text editor.
  2. Export. Appeared the ability to add labels to the Export.
  3. Export. At your request, we changed the algorithm of preview of the export file. Now you should select the necessary export options and click Generate and Preview.
  4. Export User Flow. Improved rendering of lines, icons, and connectors in Exported files.
  5. Improves UX in Comments. Minor interface changes.
  6. User Flow Improvements:
    • Multi-selection of elements
    • Move images
    • New shapes
    • Show grid
    • Image Update without deleting
    • Rounded corner’s lines
    • Improved work with lines and objects when changing scale
  7. Invite people. Some users were confused when adding users to their projects. We changed the copywriting, tried to make the invitation process more clear.

Bug Fixes

After clicking on the attached file user was redirect on 404 pages
Bug with the export to Doc in the Thai language.