Website Content Planning

March 7, 2019

Content determines the value of the resource, so it is important to take some time for its development and planning. The final version of your website’s design depends on its contents. Before you start to develop a design, you should plan the content as accurately as possible in order to create the most intuitive user experience.

Content development takes a long time, especially when it comes to large resources. During the content creation, the project manager needs to remember what something is and the corresponding page it is created for. To keep in mind thousands of edits, keep the technical task up to date and check its completion. Use an intuitive model of organizing content and interacting with the team at FlowMapp in order to optimize content management. FlowMapp allows you to place your content in the appropriate element of your site map – such sorting opens up the opportunity for the project manager to easily accept ready-to-go content or update the technical task for another development process.

Website Content Mapping

The content map on FlowMapp will correspond to the general map of your website. This approach is great for content planning, because it displays where and what content will there be on your website. This approach provides easy navigation for any member of your team. Description and Page Structure functions allow you not only to optimize navigation, but also to refine the content inside the card for each module of your website. Contextualize the content by sitemap elements using FlowMapp and you will see the most detailed structure showing the site contents.

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