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March 7, 2019

Website structure

Every successful project has a solid foundation. Website’s foundation is the structure developed on the basis of User Experience researches. A structure is a hierarchical chart of a website that displays its navigation. The website chart allows you to display the priority of pages in order, determining the usefulness of each links that affects the position of the site in search engine ranking. Due to its simplicity, the diagram allows to demonstrate the website structure to your Client in the most intuitive way. It is worth mentioning that FlowMapp has a presentation mode for these purposes. The beautiful design will allow for the most efficient presentation of UX designer’s contribution to the Client.

Drag and Drop page cards

Moreover, if 70 embedded layouts is not enough for the presentation of your project, you can always customize them and upload your own.

Labels for pages

Website architecture diagram

A website architecture diagram is a necessity that ensures the workflow of the site. Developing a Website Diagram on FlowMapp allows you to significantly save time, thanks to the convenient system for creating duplicate cards, ‘drag and drop’ and other functions that provide quick editing. FlowMapp also features an option to install customized labels. This allows you to control the development of specific pages of the site in a quick manner.

The time saved on developing a chart with the help of FlowMapp can be spent, for example, on iteration and a more detailed planning of your website structure, in order to avoid further corrections on more expensive stages of development.


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