User Flow Diagrams

User Flow Diagrams — are an amazingly useful tool for planning better user experience on a website or application. Use it the early stage before product development. You'll appreciate it.

Perfect Flows = Perfect UX

Design matters, but if there is no value for users — something went wrong. User Flows help you to organize paths, that they will follow using your website or app. Blocks and diagrams are handy way to visualize every part of the future website. Guide users from their first steps to main goals and decide optimal ways of interacting.

User Flow diagrams are the fastest way for creators to plan customer journey paths and improve User Experience.


User Flow Tool

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User Flow diagrams are the fastest way for creators to plan customer journey paths and improve user experience

Use shapes, lines and icons to create flowcharts
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User flow diagram
Add images
Add images and embed them into the User Flow
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Images in user flow
Customise elements
Easily change every attribute like lines style, colours and others
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customise elements
Connect Everything
Create any element's connections that you need
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Icon library
More than 80 icons and we won't stop
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Additional features

Endless Working Space
Use endless working space for diagram building
Multiple User Flows
Every Project could contain unlimited User Flows
Share Project
Share your work and gather client’s feedback
Export User Flow
Choose what you like: PDF, Image or SVG.

User Flow examples

User Flow Add Elements

Smart Modules

Create various combinations of modules, conditions, and forms that fit your ideas and website navigation. Handy to create and decide what users will be doing at every single point of your future website.

Connect Everything

User Flow is the system you created according to Customer Journey. Connections are the main part of it. Easy to create, easy to connect! Connections will help you to guide users.
User Flow Connections
Quick Editing User Flow Elements

All Essential. Quick

User Flow tool has everything you need to focus on user logistics. Fast changing symbols, icons, colors and forms. It contains all the building elements for your next project right here, whether you're new to FlowMapp or an experienced pro.

Connect Sitemap and Flows

Your sitemap is a basic tool that helps build the project's structure. But that's not all. Plan different user flows for different target audiences and personas by including sitemap pages for creating unique customers paths.
Add Sitemap page to the User Flow
Add text block and make notes

Make Notes

Your workspace is infinite. Connection, lines, figures and shapes, and conditions constitute the meaning of future UX. Create notes to explain your thoughts and ideas. Make your diagrams easy to understand and follow.

Multiple User Flows

One is never enough — plan various user flows to maximize user opportunities. Huge and complicated websites need a complex approach. It is always hard to consider everything at design and development stages, that is why User Flow Diagrams will help you to identify the best user paths in the very early stage and reduce frictions.
Multiple Userflow
The biggest help of shifting to FlowMapp is having a tool that we can share with a client online and that can capture comments. Its cut out a lot of back and forth, file sharing confusion and missing context. Having one link to share keeps clients on track!
 Megan Carrigan, Strategy Director
We use User Flow to show our clients how custom sales funnels will guide the user to a call-to-action or purchase. The ability to actually see a visual brings the process to life and further enhances the client involvement in the planning phase of the projects.
 Bill McCown, Vice-President & COO
We believe in a one team approach whilst planning major web development projects. With FlowMapp, everyone gets involved through discovery and planning phases. FlowMapp helps facilitate collaboration at this crucial stage and keeps clients engaged all the way through.
 Anthony Speranza, Creative Director
FlowMapp has totally changed the way we plan our sites and campaigns.  It allows our team to quickly organize content and ideas while ending up with a deliverable clients are impressed with. It’s a huge part of our workflow, and the whole team loves the tool!
 Sam Oshin, Creative Director
FlowMapp is part of our technological stack in all the projects that is inserted. It helps us both in creating user flows and supporting the product backlog understanding by complementing the Users Stories.
 Carlos Toledo, Lead Designer
FlowMapp helped us to organize the information and scope of the project in an amazing way. It becomes easier for us to involve our clients and to explain multiple user flows to them.
 Arturo Via y Rada, UI/UX Designer
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