Mindmap of your Website

March 7, 2019

Mindmap of your Website

To date, a lot of people continue to use online tools that create MindMaps as the main development environment in order to plan the structure of their sites. MindMap of a website is an opportunity to design a clear hierarchy of pages using the interface that is familiar to you. Despite the popularity, such a decision is far from ideal. MindMap is not a specialized tool and leaves no place for a profound construction of your website’s architecture. In order to create and edit a site map conveniently, it is recommended to use specialized tools that were developed specifically for this purpose. This will allow you to work out the most extensive structure.

Sitemap mindmap

Mindmap for website design

Online Mind Mapping tools can help the UX designer to deal with a small project. The designer can use such tools to create a preliminary site structure for a website that does not have many visitors.
However, if the project is large or there is a possibility of increasing the number of active pages, an initial site map should be designed with the help of a specialized service. Otherwise, you risk spending much more time and money to support the current structure of your website in a non-specialized tool.

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