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March 7, 2019

E-commerce sitemap template

A good website navigation of an online store depends primarily on the correct approach to cataloging products. The structure of an online store should be based on user demand; therefore, you should identify the clusters of the semantic core and analyze the main competitors. The design of an online store’s web pages should be based on the site map and follow the navigation rules that were developed based on the site structure. Before you start, check out the template of the E-commerce site navigation map using our service. This will help you understand how the navigation of your online store should look like.

E-commerce website sitemap template

News portal sitemap template

When forming the content map of the news site, it is necessary to take a number of features that provide clear user navigation into account. Unlike online store, a news site’s cataloging structure may not have a wide system of categories and subcategories. The cataloging of a news portal is built primarily on familiar patterns of user interaction that are used in the niche occupied. Considering the amount of information that a user encounters on a news site, the UX designer should plan the sorting of web pages responsibly. You can see the template of a news portal content map on our website.

News website sitemap template

Corporate website sitemap template

Generally, a corporate project does not have an extensive navigation map. It is possible that there will be only a few informational web pages that are linked with the main page when it comes to corporate projects. If the corporate project’s structure does not imply further growth and increase in web pages number, a content map can be developed even in a simple MindMap online tool. A template of a corporate project’s content map can be obtained using our service.

Corporate website sitemap template

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