Create a Visual Sitemap

February 22, 2019

Sitemap tool — a great opportunity to quickly design a website map structure online. Provide the most empathic UX on your site by designing intuitive navigation with the Sitemap tool. Try to create a sitemap now to accelerate the development of your website or app and save budget.

Sitemap for awesome UX

A visual Sitemap allows you to provide in-depth study of navigation patterns on your website, by exploration of ideas and the subsequent rapid introduction of iterative changes in the cataloging of content, depending on the results of the study.


User Flow Add Elements

Hierarchical structure

Create a hierarchy of your sitemap online according to the needs of your users. Change and optimize the cataloging of your content by simply dragging and dropping. Set the labels for cards, and create description pages for the optimization of teamwork.

Cover gallery

Use the presentation display mode to show your map to the сlientы. More than 70 covers will let you visualize all pages of your site. If you don’t have enough built-in covers, you have option to upload your own Page Cover Set. During the development of the sitemap, you can disable the display mode of covers, if they will interfere with you.

User Flow Connections
Quick Editing User Flow Elements

Page description

Use page descriptions to determine the functionality of a page. Collect references and store development requirements in one place. Quickly and easily make changes to the page description if necessary. Store design sources in the description to have quick access and control versions.

Page sections

Once you have determined the general functionality of the page, drill down into it using sections. Place the content for the site in sections corresponding to its future actual location. Describe the task to develop the header of the site or the main banner in the appropriate section for the designer or developer — this will allow you to conveniently organize the information in the development process.

Multiple Userflow
The biggest help of shifting to FlowMapp is having a tool that we can share with a client online and that can capture comments. Its cut out a lot of back and forth, file sharing confusion and missing context. Having one link to share keeps clients on track!
 Megan Carrigan,
Strategy Director

We use User Flow to show our clients how custom sales funnels will guide the user to a call-to-action or purchase. The ability to actually see a visual brings the process to life and further enhances the client involvement in the planning phase of the projects.
 Bill McCown,
Vice-President & COO

We believe in a one team approach whilst planning major web development projects. With FlowMapp, everyone gets involved through discovery and planning phases. FlowMapp helps facilitate collaboration at this crucial stage and keeps clients engaged all the way through.
 Anthony Speranza,
Creative Director

FlowMapp has totally changed the way we plan our sites and campaigns.  It allows our team to quickly organize content and ideas while ending up with a deliverable clients are impressed with. It’s a huge part of our workflow, and the whole team loves the tool!
 Sam Oshin,
Creative Director

FlowMapp is part of our technological stack in all the projects that is inserted. It helps us both in creating user flows and supporting the product backlog understanding by complementing the Users Stories.
 Carlos Toledo,
Lead Designer

FlowMapp helped us to organize the information and scope of the project in an amazing way. It becomes easier for us to involve our clients and to explain multiple user flows to them.
 Arturo Via y Rada,
UI/UX Designer

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