Find out what features we’ve already done and which lies ahead.

Ideas 💡

Wireframes for pages

Content gathering system

Time machine



Sync with Google Disc

Share Google Disc files on projects and with your team.


Stack of similar cards. Useful for pages with the same design, but with different content

Integration with Sketch

Integration with Trello


Create own Sitemaps and User Flow templates by users

Sync with Dropbox

Share Dropbox files on projects and with your team

Desktop app

Presentation mode

Selected for Work 📌

Ideas & Design Presentation

Simplify the presentation of your ideas by getting feedback from clients on your designs directly.

Checklists for pages

In Progress 🛠

Integration with Figma

User Flow Improvements

- Text on lines.
- Sticky notes.
- Free commenting on user flow canvas.
- Commenting for unregistered users (via share link).

Sitemap Improvements

Multiple connections for pages

Done 🤘

User Personas

Customer Journey Map (beta)

Header pages

Import from XML

Custom Page Covers

Project backups

Custom Labels and Colors

User Flow

Integration with Slack

Footer Pages

Duplicate projects

Copy pages

Export Sitemap to Png

Export to Pdf

Transfer Projects