Adding a Page from Sitemap

If you need to add a page from the sitemap or create a new one:

  • Click the Plus icon
  • Click on the Page icon
  • In the window that appears, select a page or create a new one.

Editing the information in the page card is identical to working with the sitemap.

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Working with Figures

Adding a Figure

To Add Figure to User Flow:

  • Hover and click on the Plus icon.
  • In the appeared dice select the icon of the required figure.
  • Click on it.

Change Figure settings

When a figure is active, you can change its settings in the bottom bar:

  • Change border color,
  • Change the background color,
  • Change text color,
  • The figure’s type and the icon in it.

To change Text Inside the Figure click on it twice.

Copy and paste elements (figures, sitemap pages, and images)

Select the desired shape, press Cmd (Ctrl) + C to get a shape to the buffer, press Cmd (Ctrl) + V — the element is suspended to the cursor. Select the place to insert the element and click the left mouse button.

Duplicate items

Select the desired element, press Cmd (Ctrl) + D, select the place to insert the element and click the left mouse button.

User Flow Duplicate Elements

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Export User Flow

At the moment, you can export your User Flow to PNG image only.

Export to PNG

To export User Flow to PNG:

  1. Go to the Project.
  2. Click the Export button
  3. Select which User Flow should be exporting
  4. Choose what you want to add to the exported document:
    • Transparent Background
    • Project Title
    • Document Creation Date
  5. Set Image size (Original or Custom size)
  6. Click Export
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User Flow Diagram Tool

What is User Flow? User Flow is the logic path taken by users on a website or app to achieve goals. The User Flow lead them from entry point through set of steps towards a successful final action, such as purchasing a product.


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When do you plan on launching a User Flow?

We plan to launch User Flow in March 2018.
You can find more info here:

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