Integration with Slack

How to connect Slack to your project

  1. Go to Profile > Notification settings (
  2. Click on Slack icon
  3. You’ll be asked to authorise FlowMapp to access your Slack team. Click on the Slack team you wish to connect to the project.
  4. On the following screen click Authorize.
  5. You’ll now be able to select the channel and notifications you want sent to Slack.
  6. Click on the save button to save your settings

This function is available for paid subscription plans only. 

How to change the Slack Channel

You can change the channel which project notifications and updates are pushed into:

  1.  Go to Profile > Notification settings
  2.  Click on the icon Slack icon
  3.  Click the Change Channel dropdown menu and change the channel
  4.  Click on the save button to save your settings

How to disconnect Slack from your project

  1.  Go to Profile > Notification settings
  2.  Click Delete (Stop sending FlowMapp notifications to Slack)
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Track the progress of your projects with the activity stream.

Activity notifications are represented on the FlowMapp site with a bell shaped icon in the top right corner. When you have new notifications the icon will have the red dot. Click on the notifications icon to view your notifications. You’ll see the notifications grouped by project.

From here, you’ll be able to see:

  • An overview of your projects history over time
  • A timeline of comments and changes

You can use the checkbox “For me” to see notifications, where you were mentioned.

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