Roles and Permissions

The following roles only apply to Consumer Plan accounts (Free, Pro, Team and Agency plans).


When you register on website you become an administrator of your account.

An admin is able to create and edit projects, and is the only person able to delete a project from the account. Also, administrator is able to invite indefinite number of people to join the projects.


Collaborators are users who have been added to the project via the blue share button or + button at the top right of the project dashboard.

Collaborators can edit sitemap, add/delete/replace pages, add/remove files, and leave comments. Collaborators can also export prototypes to .PDF file. Collaborators can managing people, but can’t create or delete projects.

Team members

Team plans allow for five Team Members in total, including the Team plan owner. Team Members have all of the same abilities as Collaborators but can create projects on behalf of the Team plan’s owner, as well. Team Members also have the option to create personal projects (sitemaps and user flow) in their own account.
Agency plan will have unlimited teams and people inside.

Share link viewers

Share link viewers are users you send a public share link to. They only have the ability to view and interact (click through) via that share link and cannot edit sitemap or pages.

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