FlowMapp – for UX-designers and strategists

December 14, 2017
FlowMapp – for UX-designers and analysts

Analysis of business tasks and designing of visual structure of the website is the optimal way to start any good project. This will give you an opportunity to make up an informational structure and think about user experience on the website.

Designing is getting easier

Facing the same problems during the daily work routine, we decided that it’s necessary to change the situation in order to help all UX designers and make the design process easier and more efficient. Now, when you create a sitemap in FlowMapp your clients are able to see what you can offer them, how ux will be implemented, as well as where and how information will be placed on the website. One of the most important aspects is that you can work with clients remotely, make changes in real time mode and don’t need to spend a huge amount of time on different work clusters. Using FlowMapp you can focus on important tasks, designing the user experience before you start the design. This will save a lot of resources in the future.

The structure of the pages

The structure of the pages

In addition to the possibility of creating a logical, structured project, you can also design the structure of each individual page.

It’s not a visual page builder, but nevertheless a very functional feature. The blocks can be interchanged and renamed, you can also add descriptions and required files. For the designer in charge it will be very convenient to work on structured data, therefore providing efficiency to the project working process which should grow strongly. Try this function and let us know what you think about it!

Quick editing

In case your ideas need to be adjusted, you can do it yourself and do it quickly. In order to make changes, it is enough to take and to drag a page or a whole branch to the right place. Pages can be renamed and their covers can be easily changed. Modifications are displayed in real time mode to all participants of the project.

Quick editing sitemaps
Page covers for sitemap

Page covers

For now, our system contains over 70 page covers, and this number is always increasing. If you don’t need this feature, you may switch the map to display without covers.

Share your results

The sharing function is very useful if you or your team members are far away from the client. By sending them a link to the project, you can quickly get feedback on your proposals. If the client is not registered in the system and not added to the project, he or she can only look through the map, without a possibility of editing.

Share sitemaps
Export sitemaps


The result can be exported in various formats: pdf, doc or png. We are constantly working on improving the export function, so if you need any features, please contact us at info@flowmapp.com – if the proposal is useful, we will include it in our roadmap.

Uploading files enables you to download all the necessary information for the designer and for the client in layout form. The comments feature will give one the opportunity to express one’s thoughts on the proposed solutions to all project participants.

Having 7 years of experience in web development, we know firsthand about the problems of working on websites in the early stages, so we developed FlowMapp considering ourselves, trying to consider all the bottlenecks and to make the work of UX professionals as comfortable and productive as possible.

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