FlowMapp for project managers

December 14, 2017
FlowMapp for project managers
FlowMapp helps project managers in their daily work on web sites. In order to evaluate the cost of the work or ascertain the volume of the prospective website – you can quickly create a site map, fix all of the project and individual pages requirements and provide it to the client. All project data is stored in a clear and structured way. To save time, we provide project templates that allow you to deploy multiple project types: e-commerce, news portal, corporate website.
Share a sitemap

Share a sitemap

Share a sitemap with a client, and if it’s not possible, you can easily export the project in the desired format (png, doc or pdf). There are variety of settings designed to make the export as useful as possible.


If necessary, you can reflect changes in a project directly in the meeting or telephone conversation with the client. Introduction of changes takes a few minutes only. Such efficiency should definitely assist you to rise in your customers estimation.

Quick editing sitemaps
Labels for pages


In order to track the pages status, you can use a system of labels. For this reason, there is a filter provided in the sitemap.


Very soon our system will have checklists for goals setting, and notification system will not allow to lose any of your tasks.

Checklists (tasks) for FlowMapp
Comments system

Comments system

Comments system allows to comment on the whole project as well as individual pages.
Engage in projects as many people as you need, discuss the pages, tasks, upload and store files – we are trying to make your work as comfortable as possible, so you think about the results of the company and clients and not be distracted by various little things.

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